30 Days Instagram Live May Challenge

When I say Instagram Live, what do you think of? Fear? Anxious? Couldn't think of anything worse? SAME!

It seems silly as to why should I be afraid of video or going live? I'm not presenting in front of a physical crowd, I have time to prepare and even edit videos. Yet, I find myself unable to make videos featuring myself.

There is no better time to change than now. I love challenges, it's the reason why I started Ninefifteen and wanted to work with small businesses to help them break through the noise of social media and succeed online.

So I created a 30 Days Instagram Live May Challenge, I am going to stick to it and create great Live content that I hope you will join me for and if you're afraid of going on Instagram Live too then join me in the challenge.

I have spent some time looking in how best to go on live, what content to chat about and I have created a PDF with all my findings below as well as some content ideas. If you have any content ideas please share them in the comments below :) You can watch my Lives at www.instagram.com/ninefifteensocial Good luck!


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