5 Top Tips For Going On Instagram Live

Going on Instagram Live for the first time can be nerve-wracking and it took me multiple attempts to do mine...but once I had decided on what topic to talk about I finally clicked the live button... .... And people showed up! It was only 10 people or less but it showed me people were interested in what I had to say. And why wouldn’t they? They follow my page for a reason and interact with my posts so why was I so scared?

Once it was over... I felt so silly about the fact I was nervous, no one judged me, questioned my advice but instead hyped me up and asked questions and waved or said hi!

Here are my top tips!

✨ Have a topic - when you have a topic that you will chat about and know a lot about you can manage the conversation. I spoke about hashtags where I spoke about why we use them, how to and where to use them. 1 topic but 3 open convos questions that engage the audience watching

✨ Keep it short - 30 minutes max so users don’t get bored but also you can post it afterwards as an IGTV!

✨ Notify your followers you’re going on live the day before - Once you’ve committed to it and people are expecting to see you, it spurs you on to go on live and then self-doubting thoughts are pushed to the back of your mind.

✨ Have fun! - Welcome new followers (don’t wait for everyone to come before you start, I’d suggest starting straight away) wave at users in the comments, ask them questions and invite them to be part of your live.

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Are you thinking of going on IG Live? Let me know in the comments below!

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