CHALLENGE: Becoming Confident On Camera

If like me you are a total introvert and socially awkward on camera then this challenge is for you.

Especially if you wish to grow on Instagram as a business, content creator or individual.

Whatever your goal is, I hope this challenge helps you understand how easy it is to become confident on camera.

Why do you need to become confident in front of the camera? As a business owner, it's important to make that connection with your audience, especially on Instagram which is such a visual platform.

You have IGTV, IG Reels, Feed posts and Instagram Stories!

Videos aren't as common on Instagram which is why users spend more time watching them, rather than scroll through static images.

What's involved?

It's a 3 post-challenge. only takes 3 posts to get over the fear of being on camera. All of these challenges will be topics you know all about, so you will have all the answers to them. It's much easier to talk about topics you know about than don't.

So...are you ready to get over your fear of being on camera? Let's go!

Post 1 - Starting it off early and personal. Let's talk about you!

.... A topic you know very well.

Tell us about your personal journey to self-employment or becoming an entrepreneur.

- How did you get into it?

- Did you always know you would have a business?

- Was it a side hustle at first?

- What was that moment you were like "fuck it, I'm doing it!"

This is the perfect time to let your followers get to know you as a business owner and as a person so they can get intimate understanding more about you.

Post 2 - Now tell us about your business!

So you told us about you, now how about your business?

- What is it?

- When did you start it?

- Why did you start it?

- What are your business' passions?

- Who should check out your business?

Post 3 - What are your services or products?

Now you've got into it, it's time to tell us about your products or services. Remember this isn't a sales pitch, go into it brand-led.

Speak about your services/products and why you created them, how you can about them, what drove you to make these products/services? And who are they for!

Final thoughts

Check out this Instagram post for more tips on filming your videos

Tag me in your videos and use the hashtag #confidentoncamera so I can share your videos to my Instagram Stories Any questions or advice just simply message me on Instagram or send me an email :)

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