How Do You Make Your Instagram Personal?

⭐ A question I get a lot is "How do I communicate my personality through social media and make it personal for my audience?".⁣

Now more than ever we strive for that human connection, but with lockdown and social distancing, it's limited.⁣

So how do you show your audience and clients your personality through social media?⁣

👩🏻‍💻 Your 'Tone of voice' matters. Are you corporate? More laid back? Friendly? Excited? Motivated? I type the way I talk (minus the Geordie accent) because my brand is friendly and welcoming with a hint of education and expert language thrown in to help communicate my brand. Also, be aware of what platform you're posting on. For example, I wouldn't be as informal as I am on here compared to LinkedIn because I have a different audience on each channel. ⁣

🎥 Behind the scenes. If you really want to connect and make your Instagram more personal I'd recommend showing your followers behind the scenes of your business. Being transparent and inviting them into your world will help them create a connection with you by understanding what goes into your product or service.⁣

💖 I love a good emoji! They help translate quickly the type of content I am posting but also grabs your attention as you scroll down on social media! Although a 'Star' has no connection to social media I hope it grabs your attention as it isn't as widely used as a 'sparkle' emoji. If you're a service or product based, especially one that has an emoji putting these at the start of your captions will help grab the attention of your followers!⁣

📱 Communicate your branding through your content. I love tech and social so I combined them together creating this fun 'desktop' type feel with multiple browsers. Your branding is there to help communicate your core values and purpose on social media. So experiment with them (I love to use Canva & Photoshop to create content!) ⁣

How do you make your Instagram personal? Let me know in the comments below!

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