How My Instagram Masterclass Failed..

💰 How I lost £500 in a few days... but also was the best thing that could have happened to me!

The truth Social Media Marketers don’t tell you!

✨ As a small business that’s a shit ton of money. But I was prepared to take the risk! As you know I host a lot of Instagram masterclasses but this time I wanted to do something different for beginners and targeting people who may not have come across me before.

✨ The value, fair price and content were all there. However, I had been so blindsided by the excitement, creation of the class and being able to help new people that I forgot about the most important aspect of it all..

My audience!

✨User personas are so important in creating products, marketing, content and more!

I thought I knew this audience after research, reviewing data about them from my website. However, the majority of that was secondary information. I hadn’t stopped and become a social listener to see what my audience was currently doing on social media, what their troubles were, how they use social media right now and I would have noticed if I had that.


It’s the one time of year where business owners chill, spend time with family or this year finally reopened their shop and were busy.

This has helped me created something that will be more beneficial for not just this audience but other audience sets I’m targeting too.

It’s taking me Bledy forever to make and probably won’t be available till next month but I’m having so much fun creating it :)!

✨ Let me know in the comments what was your big business revelation or mistake you won’t make twice?

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