How to Sell Online For Christmas

Are you selling this festive period? Whilst doing the hard work, don't forget about your socials, make sure you're prepared and stress-free. The nation has spoken on their support of small businesses with many searching for them on social media so it's time to make sure you're seen! In this course, I guide you through the three main stages of a product launch process. Pre-launch  /    Launch   /    Post-launch With a mixture of business and social advice I take you through what users will be seeking from you during this time, asking questions on how you're presenting your business to your consumer, give tips on how to get your customers involved and excited for your product launch as well as showing you how to create content and get it scheduled.  In this course you will get the following:

  • Full video course - Subtitled too

  • 14 Day Of Content plan

  • Christmas Hashtag Database / General Hashtag Database

  • My Favourite Apps To Use

  • Content Ideas (30 days of content for feed and stories)

  • Empty Social Media Plan - Google Sheet

  • User Persona Guide - Perfect for figuring out who your audience is and what do they want from you.

  • BONUS Learning Video

  • FREE 1 Hour Coach Call with me! (you may have a lot of questions or would like someone to chat about your strategy to, I don't usually do this but this is important few months of selling so I want to be able to help you as much as I can)

This is my favourite course to date and I put a lot of work in the research and how to deliver this course to you whilst also providing the tools needed to maximise your return of investment. By making it downloadable you will have this for life and can adapt to be used for other launches. You will get an email with the link to download your course. Any problems please email me or use the live chat on this website, or send me a DM on Instagram Check out the course here!

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