How to Use Your Facebook Group as a Revenue Source

💡 Are you a business that offers a service? CHECK THIS OUT.⁠

We’re all living in uncertain times, but that doesn’t mean that your online content has to struggle.

💸 Whilst you may have clients out there who are able to pay for your premium services, as your business gains more visibility through the increasing traffic on social media.⁠

💸 Offering a range of prices allows you to grow your community globally without taking a hit financially.⁠

And what’s more – you can use Facebook to do it… ⁠

👍 Facebook has seen a recent surge in the number of users coming back to the platform. Users are seeking ENTERTAINMENT and VALUE, looking to work out, develop a new skill, meet people with similar hobbies, or seek advice, anything to help escape the uncertainty of Covid-19. ⁠

So how can you make revenue from Facebook Groups?⁠

You’ve probably seen (or are currently part of) a Facebook group. These groups bring together likeminded people with the common goal of solving a problem or offer advice to other users in similar situations. ⁠

But how can you use these to generate revenue for your business? ⁠

👍 Lucky for you, we’ve created some handy tips: ⁠

✔️ Create your group.

✔️ Offer your members a low cost, monthly charge.

✔️ Add value to your group by offering exclusive content to your users.

✔️ Go live once or twice a week, give exclusive hints and tips, post exclusive videos, engage with the members and give them your time to add value and keep them coming back month after month. ⁠

💸 Investing in digital promotions allows you to widen your online reach. The potential of how big your group can be is endless! And it might take a little time to develop, but by creating a community of users, their interactions will help the group run itself in the long term with users returning, again and again, to access resources, get advice and expertise.

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