How to Work The Tiktok Algorithm? Top 5 Tips

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

It's not 100% known how their 'for you page' algorithm works and they're notorious for not telling us either.

However many marketers and creators on the platform have been able to glean some valuable insights into how the algorithm determine what videos make it to the for you page which is a feed made up of all the suggested videos tailored to your specific usage of the app (for example if you're going to be searching fitness videos or liking fitness videos you're likely to get more fitness-related videos on fyp page)

#1 exposure is based on the performance of each video

Your follower count, following number or amount of views you get on your other videos, isn't taking into account when the algorithm pushes your videos to users.

When your video is published it's served to a small number of TikTok users in between popular videos on their for you page

Which you will notice on TikTok you may come across a viral video, then underneath a video with hardly as many likes

So don't be discouraged if you don't have as many followers or views, you just never know when your content may go viral.

#2 the TikTok algorithm takes into account multiple indicators

The main indicators that determine if your video gets pushed into more for you pages are

- rewatches

- video completions

- shares

- comments

- and likes

Which you can take into account when creating your content. Is it informative, does it give value to the viewer, are they going to learn something? Is it entertaining, does it fit your brand and are your call to actions clear (do you want them to comment, like or even share it with people?)

#3 initial exposure is based on geo-location

Social media scheduling app found that as they have employees from different countries posting on the app, that actual location plays a key factor in what videos get recommended to users on their fyi.

They state that is a TikTok video gets a great initial reaction in your geo-location, likely, it will then be rolled out into your fyp pages international's which will result in new comments from TikTok users across the world.

#4 using trending hashtags and sounds help

Sounds and music gain popularity on the app, many songs in the charts today were made popular by TikTok users incorporating them into their content!

By using popular sounds or hashtags which will be featured on tiptoes discovery page will help boost the discoverability of your content

Although there are hashtags such as #fyp #foryou #foryoupge is thought to increase your chances to appear in more of the for you feed, TikTok queen @sammysocial spoke to me in a recent IG Live which can be found on my IGTV on my Instagram page that this isn't the case, and that because so many users use them hashtags they're less likely to be featured and the content usage is so greatly used, you're limited in how many characters you can use in your captions and are better off using more direct audience and content related hashtags.

#5 You can gain engagement at such random times

Tiktok will push videos that gain traction from days to weeks to years ago. As the algorithm is constantly monitoring the performance of your videos individually you may see engagement and views from videos you posted ages ago, which is completely different than how content is treated on Instagram.

Engagement on TikTok is reported to be boosted by the algorithm in waves, as your videos are constantly being served to new batches of users via the for you page

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