Instagram's Algorithm 2020 Update: Interest

👩🏻‍💻 Part 2 of Instagram Algorithm's 2020 update and we are looking at Interest.

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In the first part (available on my blog) we looked at relationships between you and users you interact with on the platform.

✨ The update covers interest referring to what you create and populate on your feed in terms of content. Click through the photos above to see our top tips!

✨ You want to keep your audience entertained as this is their main reason for using the platform! Video and image content are both equally valuable as content, video is more entertaining as it's not used as often but static imagery is just as effective to gain engagement, saves, likes and shares.

✨ Remember to always create content that your audience finds valuable and gives them the desire to interact with you!

✨ I love to use my audience personas and content mindmap to give me a clear direction in what and how I want to create my content. If you're struggling with this, send me a DM and we can work together to help you!

What content are you enjoying creating at the moment?

I am loving this type of content where I can breakdown into easily digestible bites of information via multi-posts!

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