Instagram's Algorithm 2020 Update: Relationships

Updated: May 21, 2020

Did you see Instagram's Algorithm at the start of the year? Their @creators page answered some burning questions we all wanted to know in terms of Algorithm and why some users found their engagement decreasing and complaining their content wasn't getting seen!

Part 1 of breaking down Instagram's current algorithm we look at Relationships on IG, what they mean by this, how to create a relationship and how to maintain them online. Click through the slides.

Instagram released that Relationships, Interest and Time were the three biggest key factors that influenced Instagram's algorithm for feed posts.

Relationships are based on engagement between you and users. The algorithm wants to show you content from your friends, so it will look at who you're engaging with and determine if they are your friends and push their content when they post to the top of your feed when you log in.


I suggest striving to create and maintain these relationships with your followers, by following them back to you don't miss out when they post and you can engage with them, strengthening your relationship.

✨ They released on their @creator Instagram account that SHADOW BANNING is not real! Instagram does not hide people's content for posting too many #hashtags or posting often.

✨ Turn on your comments & DM notifications so you can reply asap and keep that conversation between yourselves and your followers going, helping to grow your relationship online.

✨ To turn this on, on the Instagram Mobile App go to Settings > Notifications > Posts, stories & comments > and turn it on. Make sure you have notifications allowed to push through on your device settings.

✨ Use Pages (app by Facebook) to help manage Your Facebook Page & Instagram Inbox

✨ Keep the conversation in the comments going by asking questions and showing interest

✨ Did you know you can now send DMs via the Instagram desktop version? Perfect for DMing your favourite follower!

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