Instagram's Algorithm 2020 Update: Time is Money!

Time is Money! The last part of our Instagram Algorithm series.

Instagram's algorithm takes into account how your followers use their Instagram. What do they use it for and importantly how long are they on the app? You may have noticed when you click on my website link in my bio or shop for something on Instagram you may have a pop-up website landing page but you never leave the app!

This is so Instagram can continue to learn more about you, your usage, spending habits and what you're into.

How do you work with this?

✨ Keep your content entertaining, it only takes less than 8 seconds for a user to decide if they will engage with your post or not.

✨ Post when your audience is active! Make sure they see your post or IG Live!

✨ Include as much information and keep your CTA (call to action) clear so your audience knows what they're doing on your post. Are they commenting? Saving? Viewing your website? -

✨ So make sure to SAVE (bookmark icon) this post and tag your business friends and let them know Instagram's Algorithm update!

✨ Anyone else's audience online time changed since lockdown?

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