Is Zoom Safe for Small Businesses?

Updated: May 16, 2020

Zoom has been amazing since we have had to WFH (work from home) and keeping in touch with family. However, in the past few weeks, their security practises have come under scrutiny.

They have faced multiple lawsuits for the company of having "inadequate data privacy and security measures" with even Google, Space X and some school districts banning their employees from using it.

Hackers are taking advantage with some even selling data to the highest bidder on the black market.

Zoom has since responded to this changing their mindset from 'user friendly' to more 'privacy and security-driven' even at the cost of a few more clicks.

You may recall seeing the blunder from the UK PM Zoom call where viewers were able to see the meeting's Zoom ID, which users then tried to hack into the PMs meetings. Zoom has since responded to this by now removing ID's from the meeting bar when they're taking place.

These experiences are called 'Zoombombs'. Zoom ID's are personal or can be generated randomly, these are public somehow and can be found on the internet. Users will then join these meetings and flood the meeting and cause disruption.

Regardless, this doesn't mean that Zoo is completely unsafe for some users Zoom is useful and easy to use.

Here are some top changes you should make to your settings to make your meetings more secure (source:

1. Enable the "Waiting Room" feature so that you can see who is attempting to join the meeting before allowing them access.

2. Don't use your Personal Meeting ID for the meeting. Instead, use a per-meeting ID, exclusive to a single meeting.

3. Disable other options, including the ability for others to Join Before Host (it should be disabled by default, but check to be sure -- see below). Then disable screen-sharing for nonhosts, and also the remote control function. Finally, disable all file transferring, annotations and the autosave feature for chats.

4. To disable most of these features, click on the gear-shaped Settings icon on the upper-right side of the page after you've logged in.

5. Once the meeting begins and everyone is in, lock the meeting to outsiders and assign at least two a co-host or two who can help control the meeting and react if anyone intervenes.

6. Generate a password and share only with those invited.

7. DO NOT post the Zoom ID on social media. Read more about these tips on wired

Alternatives to Zoom?

Facetime - The popular apple only feature now allows multiple users to video call, although you do lose the option to share screens etc.

Slack - A collaboration hub which allows teams to work together on one platform that can be customisable and includes communication central features including file share, voice and video conference among others.

Microsoft Teams - Microsoft are constantly creating new features and teams allows businesses to chat, share files, store files, video chat and share screens among other Microsoft adds-ons. Pricing for a basic user plan starts from $5 per user per months and has been described as slack's biggest rival.

Facebook Messenger / Whatsapp - You can video and voice call on both Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. This may use your existing data plan so please contact your mobile provider first.

Skype for Business / Skype - Skype has been around for decades, a go-to for video and voice conferences and it still is today, with features to screen share and updates, it still is one of the best apps for hosting digital conferences. Also, skype is free :)

Discord - You'll notice a lot of similarity to Slack, discord is commonly used by gamers but for encrypted conversations, it's a great place to create your own server for your community or team to hang out, and create dedicated 'channels' in the servers for voice or text-based interaction.

What online video/voice/webinar conference software do you use? Let us know in the comments below

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