Top 5 Chrome Plugins for Small Businesses Online

Chrome is a great internet browser and a piece of software. Within Chrome is plugins, easy to use tools that can improve how you use Chrome, especially for business.

Here are my Top 5 Chrome Plugins for Business


The perfect writing tool when it comes to writing blog posts, emails, social posts and more. It eliminates any grammar mistakes and lets you know the tone of your text.

They offer free and paid-for options available.


Bitly is a URL shortening service and link management tool.

I use this for shortening my blog and social posts so they can be easily shared to clients, used on social media and I can also view the analytics of how many clicks my links gain, when and where from.

Free and paid-for options available.

Pinterest Pin

The internet is full of great content. The Pinterest Pin allows you to save images and links to your Pinterest account to view at any time.

It's free!

Loom Screen Share

My new favourite tool! Loom Screen Share allows you to record your screen by itself, with video or with audio.

Perfect for sharing content to members, to clients or your team quickly.

Free and paid options available.


My business is primarily online, so I may as well make my Chrome tabs look nice.

Lagum is a minimalistic Chrome plugin, aesthetically pleasing and tells me the date, time and weather. Perfect!

I have included this because you need simple joys that help make your days bright in business.

Whar Chrome Plugins do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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