Using Hashtags on Instagram - Top Tips

📱 Hashtags are useful to help our content reach our audience. But they can be confusing! This is how I write my hashtags. Make sure your hashtags match what your content is about over everything! Otherwise, you’ll be getting poor views and engagement. Here are our rules: ✔️ Use niche location hashtags

✔️ Use hashtags relevant to the post

✔️ Use micro hashtags and populate them with your content

✔️ Think about what keywords your audience will use to find you on Instagram

✔️ Ensure the post is high quality

✔️ Avoid shadowbanned hashtags

👩🏻‍💻 We have a FREE Hashtag database (google sheet) we over 700 hashtags you can copy and paste into wherever you store your hashtags. Available to download here

✨ Save the hashtag database to your bookmark for later use!

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