Using Instagram as an Introvert

✨ So in 2020, I have made it my goal to help show more of myself and my personality in my business because as we all know people buy into people and their business.

So I knew I had to get in front of the camera more, create more personalized content and engage on a more personal level in comments and DMs, which was the best thing I ever did for my business as I have been able to grow as a person and a business owner!

So, here are my top tips in Using Instagram As An Introvert

✨ Take it at your own pace - I have a video of me being frustrated whilst trying to record a video and that's because it wasn’t time for me yet.

Same with talking to businesses on Zoom and the phone, I was so nervous and I couldn't work out why because I wanted to make my business successful.

✨ What do you want to gain from showing more of you on your Instagram? My goals are to gain more client and help with my brand awareness. So that's my starting point!

✨ Get creative - I then made a strategy of everywhere I can be personal on Instagram (Instagram stories, comments, inbox, feed, ig life and in my Instagram bio), I then looked into how I can be personal across these channels.

I start with my bio and add my name (so many of my Instagram training clients didn't know my name, because I haven't told them, such a bad business move!)

I then looked at my content calendar for the month and thought "How can I make this more personal?"

I started incorporating different ways my followers will absorb my content, thinking of how they use Instagram, do they prefer video or still images? Long or short captions? Multi-images? And then in my videos, I would include subtitling.

I try new feed posts and use Instagram insights to analyse how well they do to learn more about how my followers use Instagram and absorb education.

✨ You have nothing to lose - Reach out to other businesses like yours or in your community, to your clients, to your followers, to people you admire and create connections.

I have created some amazing friends on Instagram who hypes me up and I appreciate it! It helps your confidence to be able to do more as an Introvert!

Let me know if you like these tips

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