We have won an award! Social Media Marketing Firm of The Year - North of England

👩🏻‍💻 A fantastic way to start the week! I’ve found out I have won @prestige_series Social Media Marketing Firm Of The Year - Tyne & Wear - North Of England! ⁣

As a new(ish) agency where I only went full-time last year it’s fantastic to be recognised for my efforts. Especially as they focused on my personal nature to go over and above to help every client I have, no matter how big or small their business is and if they seek free advice or paid Masterclasses from me. I’ll help anyone I can :) ⁣

I really appreciate everyone that’s helped me and hyped me up as I go on this entrepreneurial journey and excited for the future and the next couple of months as I release upcoming products I have been working on during this pandemic to help bring value to all businesses and help them thrive on social media. ⁣

❤️ - Emma

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