What Data You Can Gain From Instagram Analytics & How To Use It

👩‍💻 How can you use the data Instagram gives you in 'Insights'? And WTF does it mean?

Instagram gives you a decent amount of data that allows you to understand more about your audience, activity and content from a weeks timeframe.

So what can you find out?


✔️ Gender

✔️ Age range

✔️ What day your followers are most active on Instagram (not on your content)

✔️ What hour they're active and using Instagram (not on your content)


✔️ How many unique accounts your posts have reached

✔️ The number of times that all your posts have been seen

✔️ The number of profile visits you've had

✔️ The number of websites, telephone number or location clicks you've had


✔️ Overview of your content from 7 days to 2 years. From here you can view your posts based on interactions such as comments, reach, engagement, website clicks etc.

✔️ You can use this data to help develop your business, your understanding of your target audience for paid ads, scheduling your content and more.

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