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Training - 1 to 1 

What's involved?

I'm all about being transparent with businesses I connect with, especially when it comes to my coaching. My aim here is to help you gain confidence and excel online. Having been in the industry for 10 years and with an MSc degree in marketing and consumer behaviour I have always wanted to share this knowledge and help business owners in the long term crack the code that is digital marketing and take away the stress and anxiety of marketing their business online away to show them with a solid plan it is easy and time effective to build the loyal relationships with their customers that make them stand out from their competitors to gain success. 


The 5 Week Tailored Social Media Marketing Blueprint Course will take you through the fundamentals needed to create a solid sustainable marketing strategy to help your brand gain a greater reach online. 


Module 1 - Business Basics 


Brand DNA


  • Who are your competitors

  • Who are your audience 

  • Branding

  • Your brand voice

  • Why your customers come to YOU



  • What they are and how they’re used


Your social media Goals

  • Why goals are important

  • How to set goals for social media


What social media channels are right for your audience


Setting up these social media and applying your brand DNA to it.


Module 2 - Understanding Your Audience & finding them on social media


Understanding more about your audience and what they want from you on socials 

  • Why this will help you create goals

  • Creating a plan

  • Easily create content 

  • Easily write captions

  • Making communication with your audience easily and stress-free


User Persona

  • How to create a user persona where we define down your customer's identity which can be used to create content and produce better results in Ads

  • How to find them on social media

  • How to interact with them

  • How we use this to create Facebook, Instagaram and Google Ads


Module 3 - Creating Content


  • Understanding content

  • What kind of content to create

  • How to find inspiration 

  • How to create content

  • Mindmaps

  • Apps to use

  • Ideas

  • Creating your own monthly map 


Module 4 - Instagram Stories

  • How to use them

  • FULL Walk through

  • How to get them engaging

  • Use for surveys, to communicate etc


Module 5 - Captions

  • How to write them

  • What needs to be in a captions

  • Adding hashtags

  • Engaging with captions


Module 6 - Hashtags

  • What are hashtags and how do they work?

  • How to find hashtags that work 

  • Using your keywords 

  • Adding hashtags

  • Checklists


Module 7 - Analytics

  • How to find analytics

  • How to understand them

  • How to use them going forward in your strategy

  • How to measure goals


How we deliver this course:


1 Hour Zoom a week training with 30 minutes to catch up to discuss and answer any questions.


Business tailored strategy plan we will work through to create.


Free workbooks with top tips which you can keep and refer back to.


Our goal is to share my tried and tested knowledge and strategies but most importantly grow your confidence and create a strategy that you can strongly position your business on social media and create a clear direction in how to achieve your goals.

There's no better time than now to finally conquer social media as we all adapt to being online and shopping online. You don't want to lose the opportunity to capture your customer's attention and lock in their support.

Before we begin the course let's get to know each other on a scheduled call ☎️  Click the button below and send me an email. 

What our students say...

Laura Eddolls - Laura Eddolls Photography

I recently had a 1 to 1 Instagram Masterclass with Emma and it was brilliant! I have been feeling a little stuck and lost with how to go forward with my Instagram, but with Emma's knowledge and insight I now have a direction to move in and plenty to think about. I've felt looked after and supported from start to finish, and the workbook included has been so helpful to help me plan how I wish to go forward. Emma was also so easy to get along with and a joy to chat to. Thanks Emma, you're a star ⭐